On-Demand Property Data

Power your real estate business with our property data API.

Get instant access to 140+ million property records, valuation estimates, active listings and real estate market trends.
On-demand real estate data api with millions of property records
Retrieve dozens of property data points for nearly every home in the US

Property records for nearly every home in the US.

Search residential and commercial properties by address or specific criteria, and get dozens of data points for each property and parcel.

Structural attributes
Property features
Tax assessment history
Property tax amounts
Last sale information
Current owner details
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Get property valuation (AVM) estimates and real estate comps via our property data API

Real-time property value and rent estimates.

Get an instant home value and rent estimate (AVM) for a specific property based on its unique characteristics and nearby comparable listings.

Property value AVM
Property rent AVM
AVM estimate range
Comparable properties
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Retrieve active for-sale and for-rent property listings though our API

Active sale and rental listings across the country.

Quickly search for-sale and for-rent listings in all 50 states, and retrieve their description, status, listed price and days on the market.

Listed price or rent
Current listing status
Days on the market
Property attributes
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Access real estate market data and trends via the RentCast real estate API

Real estate market trends and listing statistics.

Access historical rent trends, market averages, listing and composition statistics for most US zip codes.

Average rent values
Detailed listing statistics
Historical market data
Data by property size
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View our API docs for a full reference of available endpoints, query parameters and code samples.

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Integrate our API with Bubble, Airtable and other no-code builders. View our popular integrations to learn more.

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Connect RentCast data to 6,000+ CRMs, spreadsheets, and other apps in minutes with our Zapier integration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is your property data?

Maintaining an accurate data set of property and listing records is our top priority.

We get our data from a variety of sources, including public records, tax assessors and online listing websites, and process over 500,000 updates daily.

What areas does your data cover?

We have nationwide coverage for most residential and commercial properties in the US, with over 140 million properties in our database.

We also have market data coverage for most US zip codes and cities.

Can I try your API for free?

Yes, we offer a free API plan which includes 50 free API calls per month, so you can test our API and develop your integration.

Sign up for a free account to get your API key and start using our property data.

What happens when I exceed my plan's monthly quota?

All of our plans have an additional request overage fee. When you exceed the number of requests included in your plan, you will be charged this fee for each additional request. You can monitor your API usage and quota on your API dashboard.

What can I do with the data I retrieve from your API?

We offer flexible licensing terms which allow you to use our property data for any use case that is not specifically prohibited under our Terms of Use.

We do not require you to add attribution or RentCast branding to your application.

Do you provide tutorials and support for using your API?

We have comprehensive API docs with a reference of available endpoints, query parameters, response examples and code samples.

You can also chat with us live 7 days a week for additional help with your integration.
residential and commercial properties
property records updated every day
zip codes available for market research
Nationwide Property Data

Supercharge your applications with real-time property data.

Get on-demand access to accurate property data to power your business workflows and applications. 50 free API calls included.