The RentCast API provides nationwide access to 140+ million property records, owner details, property value and rent estimates, comps, active listings, and real estate market trends. It's a perfect solution if you're looking for real-time property data for your applications, CRMs, custom workflows or other projects.

While our API docs provide detailed tutorials on how to integrate with our API, including explanations of all endpoints and query parameters, example responses, and ready-to-use code samples, getting started can be overwhelming if you don't have a lot of programming experience.

Today we've partnered with Ariel Herrera from the Tech in Real Estate YouTube channel to bring you several in-depth video tutorials on how to start retrieving our property and rental data with Python, Excel and Zapier.

Tutorial 1: Get Property Record Data With Python

This tutorial will teach you how to retrieve property attributes, features, tax assessment history, last sale information and owner data using Python. You'll learn how to get data for a single property using its address, as well as for a list of properties using specific criteria.

Tutorial 2: Get Property Value and Rent Estimates With Python

In this tutorial, you'll use the RentCast API valuation endpoints to retrieve property value and rent estimates (AVMs) with Python. You'll also learn how to retrieve recent sales and rental comps and plot them on a map for further analysis.

Tutorial 3: Get Historical Rent Trends by Zip Code With Python

This video tutorial shows how to retrieve average rental rates, average rents for different property types, as well as other rental market statistics with Python. It also explains how to plot historical trends on a graph to help you analyze different rental markets.

Tutorial 4: Use Zapier to Pull Property Records and Valuation Estimates Into Excel

Need to analyze hundreds of properties and import their attributes, features, value and rent estimates, and other data into Excel? This tutorial shows how to do this with the popular Zapier automation platform without writing a single line of code.

Tutorial 5: Forecast Future Rent Prices with the RentCast API and Facebook Prophet

The last tutorial will teach you how to retrieve average rental market trends by zip code, and then use the Facebook Prophet forecasting library to predict future rents and market trends. You'll also learn how to plot this data on a graph to help you visualize and analyze it.

Get Help and Support for Your Integrations

If you have any questions, or need help integrating our API and property data into your projects, we're here to help 7 days a week.

Our support team is always happy to answer your questions, suggest optimal endpoints and queries, and provide other help via live chat or email.

You can contact us by launching the live chat at the bottom right of this website, or by sending us a message through our website.