Our first big update is here, packed with new features and improvements! Here are the highlights:

Improved Rental Market Reports

We've added a new market search page, where you can search for US zip codes directly, and quickly look up their average rents, market statistics and historical rent trends.

You will also see a new market composition section for each zip code that shows the number of recent listings, as well as which property types are more common in that area:

View market composition statistics for any zip code
View market composition statistics for most zip codes

Quickly Add Properties to Your Portfolio

You can now quickly add properties to your portfolio right from the portfolio page, instead of having to search for them first. This should speed up the process when you need to add many properties at once.

You can also edit the photo of each property and upload your own, instead of using the Google Street View images automatically added by RentCast:

Upload a custom photo for each property in your portfolio
Upload a custom photo for each property in your portfolio

Dynamic Report Links & More

You can integrate our rental data reports with your third-party software or workflows with our new dynamic report link feature. Visit the Integrations page in our help center to see how it works.

Our app now remembers your property and market search history, so you can quickly view your previous searches right from the search page.

And if you're subscribed to RentCast Pro, you can view your payment history on the billing page in your account settings.

Give all of these new features a try on our website: