In this month's RentCast API update, we've released our Zapier integration, improved the consistency of historical market data, and made it easier to view API request metrics for specific API keys.

Check out the highlights below:

Connect RentCast to 6,000+ Apps With Zapier

Our new Zapier integration makes it easy to connect our property and rental data to thousands of apps like Excel, Google Sheets, Salesforce, HubSpot and BatchLeads without writing any code.

With RentCast and Zapier, you can create automations that require property data in minutes, and enrich your CRMs, applications and custom workflows.

Connect RentCast to 6,000+ apps with Zapier
Start using our property and rental data without coding

Filter API Request Metrics by API Key

Use the new API key filter to view API requests, errors and latencies for each of your apps and integrations on your API dashboard:

Filter API request metrics by API key
Quickly filter API requests, errors and latencies by API key

Market Data Improvements and More

We've improved the consistency and accuracy of historical rental market data by removing outlier spikes and inconsistent historical data points.

We've also made a few smaller improvements and tweaks to our address parsers and AVM calculations.

View the full list of changes for this API update on our developer portal.

View the full list of changes for this API release on our developer portal
View our API release notes for the full list of changes

Don't forget that our API docs have a full reference of all available data sets, endpoints, example responses and other information:

Have any questions about this update or ideas for what we should work on next? Send us a message and let us know!